Welcome to (Lucky Phil’s) Ükulele Circus

There are a few Ukulele Circuses in the world, this one is Lucky Phil’s. We know you’re wondering: why is Phil Lucky? He has as a Ükulele Circus, that’s why. This goes some way to making up for his other challenges and disappointments in life. He is a newly-minted grandfather, though, so that’s something.

Hang on!

Now, before we go on let’s be clear about this. We play ukes and we’re based in the Blue Mountains. But this is not the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group.


Ükulele Circus: Not tested on animals!!!!

Many modern circuses have no animals, and this one is no different. We also have no clowns, no acrobats, nor do we have any jugglers, although we do have a few down-market ring masters. Yeah, alright, maybe there’s a clown or two.

OK, OK, I want to be Lucky Like Phil™ how can I get involved?

The Ükulele Circus pitches its tent on the first Friday of every month at the Blue Mountains Hotel in Lawson (that’s near Sydney, in Australia).

If you’d like to play with us, start by coming along to the regular Thursday night uke session at the New Ivanhoe Hotel in Blackheath (about half an hour further from Sydney than Lawson), or for a folksier sing-along with an Irish lilt join us for a Guiness at the Ori in Springwood (a bit closer to Sydney).

Join our mailing list to get notified of what’s going on, or to get in contact with us. There’s also a Facebook page.

Hang on, we’re about to tell you how to join in, but before we do that: let’s be clear here, this is NOT the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group website

Before we go on, we need to make sure you know where you are - please don’t get us mixed up with the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group, affectionately known as the MUGS (not the MÜGS with a Heavy Metal Umlaut), they’re just plain old Mugs. Mugs, plain and simple. They’re mugs. We’re the Circus. They’re the mugs. They have several websites. THESE ARE THEIR WEBSITES:

NOTE: Whilst we’re in support of all sorts of musical events and in favour of festivals, Ukulele Circus is not involved in running the BIGGEST UKULELE FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD

Ok, on with the web page.


Day Session info Venue
First, third and fifth Tuesday of the month 19:00-21:00 Irish (and other) folk. Uke based session. Oriental Hotel, Springwood
Second, fourth and sixth** Thursday of the month 19:00-21:00 Open, friendly community uke sing and strum, bring your copy of the The Ukulele Club Songbook or print some charts for us to sing New Ivanhoe Hotel, Blackheath

** Should a sixth thursday happen this session will double as an end-of-the-world farewell

What’s on? (Circus and friends…)